Photo credit:  Justin Salem Meyer

Photo credit: Justin Salem Meyer

What types of classes are offered?

While most POP UP YOGA DSM classes will be vinyasa-based, each is taught by a different local instructor -- which means that you may experience a different style every time you attend.

How do I sign up to attend?

Most of the time you don't even need to sign up! If it's an indoor space, we'll set up an event page for you to RSVP at. We'll make sure you know that before you come!

What should I bring to class?

A yoga mat, and a smile! If you do not have a yoga mat, we will have a few on hand for use. You may also consider bringing a water bottle.

Can I invite a friend?

Yes -- of course. The more, the merrier, in our opinion.

Are kids allowed to participate?

Yes, but child care is not provided on site. Kids are welcome to take the class just like the adults. Please note that younger children may not be interested or able to stay focused for an entire class, and children ages 6-8 and up tend to do better in group settings. That being said, parents: you know your child best. If you want to bring your kid, please do, and enjoy yoga as a family!

What’s the cancellation policy?

Classes will only be cancelled due to inclement weather. If a class is canceled, we will notify our community through our website and social media channels at least an hour in advance of the start time.

How are classes free?

Classes are free because we believe in offering free yoga to as many people as possible. Our teachers donate their time, and we only hold classes in locations that either donate space or do not charge a fee. We are thankful for local partnerships that allow for our classes to occur.

Currently, our only seed funding comes from the sale of t-shirts and tanks through RAYGUNshirts; they've graciously offered to donate 10% of sales of this apparel back to POP UP YOGA DSM. We also have amazing sponsors who help us cover costs of PUY. Want to sponsor? Drop us a note.

Does this effort benefit local yoga studios?

Yes. Here's why: many people are intimidated to step into a yoga studio for the first time. This occurs for many reasons, such as fears of not being "flexible" or "good" enough, concern about not having the right outfit or gear, or just the mere fact that trying something new is scary! Additionally, yoga often benefits an upper, middle-class demographic, and our goal at POP UP YOGA DSM is to offer the benefits of a yoga practice to people of all socio- and economic backgrounds.

Also, let's be realistic: yoga can also be cost-prohibitive. Brick-and-mortar studios absolutely need to charge class fees in order to keep their studios up and running, as well as pay their teachers -- all of which is very important. But for a new student, or even a student who has been practicing for years, those fees can add up and make the difference between practicing and not practicing, or trying yoga in general. It is our hope that POP UP YOGA DSM bridge this gap by providing free classes to the community, and support students in their journey to find a yoga studio "home" down the road.

We want to bring more students IN the doors of yoga studios whenever possible, and we'll continue to partner with area instructors representing a variety of studios to foster collaboration and support throughout the Des Moines yoga community.